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WEDO Canada

“Our movement accelerates and educates the world on the importance of why it’s pivotal to empower women in business globally.”

Milena Radakovic
WEDO Canada, Board Chair
Canadian Ambassador, WEDO Global

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) is celebrated every November, in 144 countries, and at the United Nations. Our global goal is to ignite women leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and future-preneurs to spark start-ups, drive economic expansion and advance communities worldwide.


Day, every year – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated on November 19th and at the United Nations.


The WEDO movement is recognized in 144 countries around the world.


Educational Institutions – our student ambassadors are represented in high schools, undergraduate, and graduate programs around the world


Global Ambassadors – representing every continent around the world, driving change locally and globally

WEDO Canada

Educates Women Entrepreneurs

WEDO Canada supports the WED Global Movement through its own mission which is to support existing female entrepreneurs and a new generation of female entrepreneurs with scholarships, education and mentorship.

WEDO Canada believes that to truly achieve our full economic potential, we need women to reach their full potential.

Focused and supportive education resources for existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs will put us on the right track to achieve this. As part of the WEDO Canada mission, we will grant national scholarships to support a new generation of female entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to educate, empower and support Future Women Entrepreneurs by granting one million dollars in scholarships to deserving post-secondary students across Canada.

  • WEDO Canada will hold Educational Summits in centres across Canada on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
  • WEDO Canada aims to grow to provide over 10 Individual Scholarships annually
  • WEDO Canada is growing nationally with Ambassadors in 5 Provinces
  • Almost 90% of women entrepreneurs are self-employed rather than majority
    owners of incorporated businesses.
  • 16.8% of SMEs in Canada are majority owned by Women
  • By Advancing Women’s Economic Participation in the Economy, Canadian projects it will add $150B in GDP by 2026.

Our Movement

Accelerates and educates the world on the importance of why it’s pivotal to empower women in business globally. When women are elevated financially, communities, states and countries prosper, this builds a global blueprint to alleviate and eradicate poverty.

Our Global Reach

WEDO is passionately dedicated and committed to elevating six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help make the world a better place.








WEDO Canada supports the global movement, in addition, WEDO Canada is expanding its mission to bring national scholarships to support a new generation of female entrepreneurs through scholarships, education, training and support.

Our annual scholarships are awarded to female students in Canadian Post Secondary Institutions that demonstrate innovation, ingenuity and exceptional entrepreneurial drive.


Meet the WEDO Canadian Board

Over the next 10 years, WEDO Canada’s mission is to educate, empower and support future women entrepreneurs by granting one million dollars in scholarships to deserving Female Post Secondary Students across Canada.

“We are excited to be building an incredible team of women across Canada”

Milena Radakovic
WEDO Canada, Board Chair
Canadian Ambassador, WEDO Global
Milena Radakovic WEDO Board Chair

Milena Radakovic

Canadian Ambassador | Board Chair

Alison Taylor WEDO Canada Board Secretary

Alison Taylor


Joelle Foster WEDO Canada Board Director

Joelle Foster

Board Director

Monica Kwias

Marketing Director

Tanya Gillrie

Ambassador Liaison

WEDO Team Fatima

Fatima Khan

Board Treasurer

Deanna Werklund

Board Director

Simone Florence

Board Administrator

Breeya Engel

Legal Director


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