Carla Devlin

WEDO Construction Panelist

President of Carrington Property Developments

Carla Devlin is a career-driven and goal-oriented entrepreneur, General Contractor, and land developer. President of Carrington Property Developments with 21 years’ experience to her accreditation, Carla has a list of renovations and new builds spanning custom-built luxury homes, infill housing, lakefront cottages, and multi-family projects. In addition, Carla has recently started a Commercial Drywall Company in 2021. Creator of 6 thriving condo boards, Carla remains President of two. In addition, Carla owns and manages several rental properties in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. She is also a volunteer member of the Board of Directors for Community Futures North Red since 2017. CF North Red is an independent non-profit organization, one of sixteen in Manitoba, that works to strengthen the economies of rural communities through the provision of business financing and community development services. Carla threw her hat in the political ring and was elected in 2018 as Councillor for Ward 1 in the RM of East St. Paul, Manitoba, where she will serve a four-year term. Her passion and commitment to this position are evident as she works collaboratively with Council members for the common good of her community. Carla is a proud mother of four children: Paityn (23), Daimin (18), Emily (14), and Brenin (11), and knows the value of a dollar and hard work. Instilling these values in her children, Carla taught them how to own and operate a business at a young age. In 2014, Serendipity Shave Ice debuted at the Kenora Harbour in Ontario with four eager new entrepreneurs at the forefront. Also, following in her mother’s business savvy footsteps, Paityn is currently in her last year studying business at the University of Manitoba. Paityn recently started a marketing company. Daimin has found his way into the construction world as an electrical apprentice, having his first day working on one of his mum’s projects. Emily is a brilliant scholar who aspires to be a Surgeon, and Brenin started his own business Brenny Bear Cookies, on Instagram during Covid and hopes for a shot at Wall Street! Despite her busy lifestyle, Carla understands the importance of work-life balance and spends as much time as possible with family and friends. Whether it is relaxing at her cottage in Ontario, enjoying water sports with her kids, or challenging herself to a round of golf, Carla is living life to its fullest! Carla enjoys being a mentor to young entrepreneurs and always finds time to lend an ear or provide advice to her colleagues in business. Her favorite quote is: There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs ~ Zig Ziglar

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