Carly Minish

WEDO Retail Panelist

President and Founder of SMAK DAB Foods

Carly Minish-Wytinck is a Red Seal Chef turned entrepreneur, who is the president and founder of SMAK DAB Foods. SMAK DAB manufactures a line of gourmet mustards, sourced from Canadian mustard seeds and ingredients. Her product is sold in over 300 small and major grocers across Western Canada, including Sunterra Markets, Sobey’s, Safeway, Choice’s Market, Thrifty Foods, Coops and Save On Foods. In a busy and overcrowded retail market, Carly has a found a way for SMAK DAB to stand out and become a household name for families across Canada. In 7 years of business, she has built a brand while becoming well versed in the world of food manufacturing, retail, distribution, sales and logistics. Her passion isn’t constrained to just the kitchen but helping families reconnect with food again.

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