Melanie Campbell

WEDO Intrapreneurship Panelist

Western Canada Regional Manager for Women in Enterprise, TD Bank

Melanie has spent the last 20 years leading a number of different sales teams in a variety of industries.


Most recently, she led the Prairie Regional Sales Team for TD Merchant Solutions from September 2018 to October 2021. Melanie is considered a trailblazer within TD Bank and has been the recipient of the 2020 Summit Award, as well as the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Platinum Hall of Fame Awards – all while leading teams, that have consistently been ranked #1 in the organization.


Under her leadership at TD Bank, Melanie within the last 3 years, has developed her employees to be high performers resulting in multiple promotions for her employees – developing her staff and seeing them grow within the Bank, is something she is incredibly passionate about. Melanie was also recently promoted to the role of Western Canada Regional Manager for Women in Enterprise, where she will have the privilege of driving the Bank’s mission of financing more female entrepreneurs. Outside of her role, Melanie also sits on two Diversity & Inclusion committees within TD Bank.

Melanie is a Veteran of the Canadian Naval Forces – she served in the Canadian Navy for seven years and was one of the first women in Canada to take residence on a Canadian Naval ship. Melanie also has her BA in Psychology and when she is not working, she can be found spending time with her family and her two german shepherds, Remy and Rhino. Melanie is also passionate about charity work and enjoys giving back to her community – most recently, she served on the Board of Directors for The Big Hill Haven Women’s Emergency Shelter.


Melanie’s philosophy is “Do More, Be More” where she believes leadership is about serving others.

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